Zazzle Black Membership Reviews

It's bad enough that you have to design each and every item to make it available for sale rather than apply it to all at once like Red Bubble, but when you spend that much time on it for absolutely nothing, it's a complete disaster. Customer service was no help whatsoever and took several days to get back to me. I also subscribed for Zazzle Black shipping and it kept offering me to purchase it and showed no record that I had it. Then I had a...
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I liked
  • Easy to use website
  • Product selection
I didn't like
  • Billing practices
  • Wrong product delivered
  • Storefront technical issues
Zazzle Black Review
My first order with Zazzle had a date next to the order to encourage you to purchase Zazzle Black and get the item quickly. I purchased Zazzle Black and then was told it could not be used for that order. I then asked to cancel my membership. They told me (the next day) that it cannot be cancelled until the year was done. This type of membership means they are unable to keep customers without locking them in. I encourage you to read the small...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service